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  Chief Financial Officer
  Cheryl S. Wald, CPA, CFO
  Phone: (517) 676-6493
  Cheryl Bennett
  Phone: (517) 676-6495
Accounts Payable
Alexis Regnier
Phone: (517) 676-2484

Payroll & Benefits Specialist

Phone: (517) 244-6450

Employees: Important information regarding ORS 3% Healthcare refund

The Office of Retirement Systems is working to notify members of the amount of their refunds.  School districts will also receive this information on January 10, 2018, and a lump sum payment of the amount to be refunded on January 22, 2018; Mason Public Schools will then refund these amounts to current and former employees.  Because the contributions were withheld on a pre-tax basis, we are seeking guidance on how these funds should be taxed when refunded.  Once we have all of the information, we will communicate a specific payment date for the refund, but our goal is to have refunds processed no later than the end of March for current employees and former employees who have confirmed their contact information.  At this time we are planning these funds to be processed in a separate payroll.

Former employees can submit current contact information here.

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