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Mason Middle School is committed to the vision and mission of Mason Public Schools. Mason Middle School strives to be an exemplary learning community that enables each student to flourish as a responsible citizen in a complex, changing world. Furthermore, Mason Middle School is committed to academic excellence in a safe environment where students develop critical thinking skills, are empowered to succeed, and are encouraged to serve their community.
Mason Middle School Band Practice

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Ted Berryhill - Mason Middle School Principal   

Mr. Ted Berryhill                                                                            
235 Temple St. Mason, MI 48854                                                   
(517) 676-6514
(517) 676-0287 - Fax                                        

Craig Kueffner - Middle School Assistant Principal
Mr. Craig Kueffner
Assistant Principal
235 Temple St. Mason, MI 48854
(517) 676-6514
(517) 676-0287 - Fax   

Principal's Message

Please click here to view Mr. Berryhill's Principal Message for the 2017-2018 school year.                                                                                                   

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Have a great summer!  See you in August!

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SOAR After School Activities at Mason Middle School

SOAR After School program is up and running for the new school year! SOAR is an awesome opportunity for students to enjoy a fun activity with their friends after school. Students may attend SOAR as little or as often as they like. To sign up, complete the attached form and return it to the main office with your payment as soon as possible. Questions about SOAR should be directed to Mrs. Henfling at

Please click here or on the quick link above to view the SOAR Brochure for April/May.

Ms. Brickey Named MCTE Middle School Teacher of the Year for 2017

Two teachers holding paper










We are happy to announce that Kristine Brickey has won the Michigan Council of Teachers of English Middle School Teacher of the Year for 2017! This is a prestigious award from the membership of the MCTE. The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to creating a caring and respectful climate conducive to effective teaching and learning
  • Utilizes a variety of teaching methodologies and plans innovative learning experiences to meet the needs of all students
  • Demonstrates a keen ability to meet the developmental needs of middle level learners
  • Has earned the respect and admiration of colleagues and students
  • Is a member of MCTE and has taught for at least 10 years
  • Provides service to the profession at the local, state, or national level through leadership, presentations, or publications

Kristine Brickey exemplifies these elements of the award, and her students, our state, and our country are better for it. We thank her for her service as an English Language Arts educator. She will be honored and presented her award at the MCTE annual fall conference on October 20, 2017.  Please join us in celebrating with Ms. Brickey!

New Sixth Grade Schedule

Starting in 2017-18, our sixth grade schedule is changing to include more time in the core classes as well as What I Need (WIN) time. Lengthening our core classes will allow more instructional time in English, math, science, and social studies. This will be beneficial as we introduce a new core literacy program, StudySync, and focus on more rigorous assessments in conjunction with our Glencoe math program. WIN time is designed to provide supports, enrichment, and/or interventions based on each student’s individual needs. All students will receive “what they need” during this period, scheduled for seventh hour every day. Another benefit of the new schedule is that the sixth grade lunch period will move back in the day until 10:48 a.m. (a much more reasonable time to eat lunch than the current 10:19). The new sixth grade schedule is listed below:

2017-18 MMS

6th Grade Schedule

1st hour       7:40-8:40

2nd hour      8:44-9:44

3rd hour     9:48-10:48

LUNCH  10:48-11:18

4th hour (FLEX) 11:22-11:48

5th hour    11:52-12:42

6th hour     12:46-1:36

7th hour (WIN time) 1:40-2:32


AIMSWeb Data for Mason Middle School

Students at Mason Middle School take AIMSWeb Assessments during the fall, winter, and spring of each school year during AIMSWeb Benchmarking Periods.  These assessments (screeners) are used to provide intervention or support to those students that may need a boost in the areas of reading fluency, general reading ability, mathematics computation, and mathematics concepts/applications.  Additionally, these assessments are used to help identify students that may benefit from enrichment or advanced placement classes.  

Click on the links below to view the school data for the R-CBM (Reading - Curriculum Based Measurement - Fluency), MAZE (Reading - General Reading Ability), M-COMP (Mathematics - Computation), and M-CAP (Mathematics - Concepts & Applications).  Mason Middle School strives to have 80% or more of their students reaching benchmark (Tier 1 - Green) on all four of these assessments at each benchmarking period.

R-CBM Results

6th Grade R-CBM
7th Grade R-CBM
8th Grade R-CBM

MAZE Results

6th Grade MAZE
7th Grade MAZE
8th Grade MAZE

M-COMP Results

6th Grade M-COMP
7th Grade M-COMP
8th Grade M-COMP

M-CAP Results

6th Grade M-CAP
7th Grade M-CAP
8th Grade M-CAP

Mason Middle School Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Minutes and Information

Mason Middle School Parent Advisory Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month from 7:00 - 8:00 pm in Room 22 at Mason Middle School. Through volunteerism, fundraising, and partnering with the teachers/adminstration of MMS, the PAC is dedicated to providing support to our middle school students through social activities, community/school projects, and other positive enrichment events. If you would like to be a part of the process, please visit and "like" the Mason Middle School PAC Facebook page by clicking here. The PAC is always looking for more parents to help out with school functions.  Thanks in advance for your support of MMS and our students.

MMS PAC Member Contact Information

MMS PAC Minutes - September 2017
MMS PAC Minutes - October 2017
MMS PAC Minutes - November 2017
MMS PAC Minutes - December 2017
MMS PAC Minutes - January 2018
MMS PAC Minutes - February 2018
MMS PAC Minutes - March 2018
MMS PAC Minutes - April 2018
MMS PAC Minutes - May 2018