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Enrollment Information


Online enrollment is the first step to starting your child at Mason Public Schools. Please review all FAQs before beginning the process.

Please Inform us if your student had any special services in the past. Including Speech and Language, Social Work, Special Education Classes, OT/PT.

Unusual circumstances

If the students night residence is a following:

  • In a Shelter
  • In a Hotel/ Motel
  • In a Car
  • At a campsite
  • Living with a friend, relative or someone else because they lost their home or can't afford one.

For families with unusual circumstances including establishing residency, guardianship, homelessness, and general questions, please contact:.



Where do I begin?

After reviewing all FAQ's 

Families with students already enrolled in the district should login to Skyward Family Access

New families should select the NEW FAMILY LINK. This will create a Skyward Family Access account.


How do I complete the enrollment?

It is important to list the student’s father as the first guardian (if applicable) and the student’s mother as second guardian. Skyward will recognize the family and link all the children in the family.


What documents are required for enrolling my child?

All student enrollments require the following:

  • An original, certified Birth Certificate – this must be presented to the building secretary or registrar before the child can start school.
  • Immunization Record – this may be scanned and uploaded to the registration or presented to the building secretary/registrar.
  • Proof of Residence - this may be scanned and uploaded to the registration or presented to the building secretary/registrar.

Additional documents:

  • High school students will need to present a copy of their transcript
  • Students receiving services through Special Education will need to present a copy of the child’s most recent IEP.
  • Custody agreements

School of Choice and Non-Resident Students – What’s the difference?

SOC - The School of Choice window opens on June 1st and with applications due, by the close of business, on June 15th. Once approved, a SOC student is enrolled in Mason Public Schools through graduation, with no additional paperwork required.


NR – Non-Resident families may enroll, at any time, with placement granted if space is available. A family seeking Non-Resident enrollment would need to contact the superintendent’s office, from the district in which they reside, for a release. The release is limited for one school year and families must request a new release each year. Non-Resident families may apply for SOC during the application window.


Please contact Jodi Somerville for additional information:

How long does the enrollment process take?

During the school year: At a minimum, 72 hours. Your child’s application will be reviewed and assigned to a building for processing. The building secretary/registrar will contact you regarding required documentation and a projected start date.


During the summer: All applications will be reviewed and assigned to a building for processing. Parent/guardians may present required documents to:

MPS Administration

201 W. Ash Street, Suite 2A

Mason, MI 48854


Building secretaries/registrars return from summer break in August and will begin processing enrollment applications. You should expect contact no later than August 16th


When can I expect…

Teacher Assignments – Teacher Assignments will be visible on Skyward Family Access on 08-16-2019