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2017-2018 Calendar


Mason Public Schools would like to share the Board approved 2017-2018 school calendar for the months of August and September, and other key dates with families to assist with planning for the upcoming school year. The remaining portion of the 2017-2018 calendar is subject to negotiation between the Teachers’ Association and the Board of Education, and it will be released at a later time.


The first day of school for K-12 students will be a half-day the morning of Monday, August 28, 2017. For the Labor Day holiday, there is no school for students on Friday, September 1, 2017 and Monday, September 4, 2017.


Additionally, Professional Learning Communities will continue this year with the first ‘delayed start’ Wednesday beginning on September 6, 2017. On these Wednesdays, school will start one-hour later with buses picking up students one-hour later than the regular pick-up time. For interested families, before-school programing is available on ‘delayed start’ Wednesdays beginning at 7:30 am at each elementary school, and the middle school.


Please see below for further calendar details:


  • 8/28/17 – First day for students (1/2 day AM)
  • 9/1/17 – No school for students
  • 9/4/17 – No school for students
  • 9/6/17 – Delayed start Wednesday
  • 9/13/17 – Delayed start Wednesday
  • 9/20/17 – Delayed start Wednesday
  • 9/27/17 – Delayed Start Wednesday
  • Winter break is planned for 12/25/17 through 1/5/18
  • Spring break is planned for 4/2/18 through 4/6/18 

This information will be posted to the district website and shared on the district’s Facebook page, but we wanted families to be notified first. If you have questions, please call the district’s main office at 517.676.2484.