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MPS Business and Administrative Costs Low Compared to Other State of Michigan Schools

The Michigan Department of Education has recently published the annual Bulletin 1014. In this report, Mason Public Schools has maintained a ranking for low total business and administrative costs per student compared to other Michigan districts for the years ending June 30, 2015, 2016 and 2017. For the last three fiscal years, Mason Public Schools has been ranked in the lowest 8% of all school districts in the state, for the lowest business and administrative cost per student.

For year ending 2015, Mason Public Schools ranked 776 out of 840 total schools putting them in the lowest 8% of schools for total business and administrative expenditures; for year ending 2016, Mason Public Schools was ranked 774 out of 839 total schools putting them in the lowest 8% of state schools, and for year ending 2017, Mason Public Schools ranked 767 out of 830 total schools maintaining a position in the lowest 8% of total schools.

Business and administrative expenditures excluding capital outlay, include Board of Education, superintendent, office of the principal (school administration), fiscal services, other business services, communication services, human resources, technology services and building and site improvement services.

“Transparency is extremely important in order to maintain a strong level of trust within our community. Mason Public Schools takes fiscal responsibility seriously and focuses on providing students with the most robust opportunities while remaining within our budget,” said Ronald Drzewicki, Ed.S., Superintendent of Mason Public Schools. “Dollars saved on business and administrative expenses can be funneled into programming and services for our students.”