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Mason Public Schools Partners with Law Enforcement on Hands-On Active Shooter Training

Mason, MI –In order to keep students and staff safe, Mason Public Schools has begun the process of utilizing the ALICE approach to safety and security. ALICE, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate is a research-based, proactive approach to responding to an active shooter situation. It has been adopted by businesses, schools and organizations across the nation to prepare employees, staff, students and personnel on how to respond to violent intruder situations.

Mason Public Schools staff will first participate in a 45-minute online training module. The next portion of the training consists of on-site trainings. District leadership, central office staff and the Board of Education participated in this on-site training alongside City of Mason staff on November 27.

During the ALICE on-site training, staff engaged in live scenarios with local law enforcement. The scenarios can include gun fire from cap guns that look, sound and smell like real guns and evacuation procedures that include yelling/screaming. It is intended to feel like real scenarios that have happened in a school setting, so that staff are as prepared as possible should a security issue arise.

Remaining members of District staff will participate in on-site trainings in January 2019. After Mason Public School staff is trained, the District will begin the process to review our current lockdown drills for students. Student preparation will involve age-appropriate lessons that have been utilized in other local districts with positive feedback from families. Building principals and administrators will contact families about specific implementation and rollout plans.

If you have any questions about the plans for ALICE training, please contact Nick Toodzio, Assistant Principal, Mason High School at For more information regarding ALICE, please visit the ALICE Training Institute at